Friday, November 20, 2009

The House In Halifax Harbor

I would love to live in some unusual or out-of-the-way houses. Some different places that appeal to me in, perhaps, odd ways. The house in Halifax harbor.

That’s in Nova Scotia. It’s near the harbor light and it’s most likely not a real house, but I could fix it up nicely and keep a boat handy for trips to town. I think it would be a neat place to live, what with all the water traffic going back and forth. My own little place with a lighthouse next door, small as it might be.

One time, I lived in a cow barn (long since vacated); I’d like to do it again. How many people can say they lived in such a place? It would have to be on a road that had no name, because everybody else has a named road. Maybe just call it “Tom’s Lane.” I lived in a real cow or horse barn once and on hot, humid summer days it was obvious.

I’d like to have been a crew member on a showboat in the glory days on the Mississippi River. Maybe having a three-room apartment in some theater (live or movie), or in a large shed behind someone’s house. It would be great to live in a lighthouse on the very edge of civilization, with water nearly all around you.

Once, I spent a year living in an old mansion on the side of Mount Anthony, outside Bennington VT. It was an impressive place with slate tiles for a roof, all stone work and old tapestries. But it was not a place where you could take you shoes off, draw a mug of tea and kick back. The parlor was formal and you just didn’t do that.


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