Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Good Evening For Hot Chocolate

I just heard some mighty close thunder on this rainy, windy night. A little unusual for late in the month, but you’ll have this. A storm came upstate from the Philadelphia area, zipped through here with one small rumble and one sharp clap and headed north. Them that was sleeping woke up fast.

Rainy, windy weather means only one thing: hot chocolate, a blanket and a recliner in front of the tv. Or maybe just lying down on the couch, covered with said blanket (as my grandmother would say, “snug as a bug in a rug”). It’s a great way to enjoy an evening of this sort, even better with your Best Beloved.

Some things just go together like that. I’ve never met a windy, rainy night that didn’t call for hot chocolate and a blanket. It’s just so natural.

Did our pre-historic ancestors do that? Perhaps they gathered in the back of the cave, behind the fire, snuggled under a wooly mammoth skin and drank hot berry juice while watching buffalo ramming into each other during rutting season. My theory; you can have your own. Maybe they played Scrabble.

Our early pre-American colonials used to “bundle.” Guys and gals would get into the same bed with a board between them so they would not contact each other (oh, pleeeze) and sort of make small talk while they kept warm. The small talk was most likely what they would name the inevitable baby.


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