Sunday, November 15, 2009

It Sure Is A Nice Day Today

Me: Sure is a nice day.
Pal: It’s gonna rain tomorrow.

Me: But today is lovely; I don’t want to worry about what’s coming later. I want to enjoy what we have now.
Pal: Better get ready for rain. I hear we’re getting a downpour. Won’t be any laying out in the sun then.

Keeerap, what ever happened to enjoying what’s going on right now? When I first worked in radio, my news director had a policy: “What’s the ‘right now’ angle on the story?” Not what happened yesterday, not what might happen tomorrow, but what’s going on with the story now. Keep it fresh and up-to-date.

When Mom and I traveled to Alaska, we would enjoy each moment of the trip. Waiting for a flight, we would watch the airport vehicles to see what they were up to; if the plane was delayed, we’d watch others coming and going. What’s going on right now that we can enjoy? Don’t worry about possibilities in the future; enjoy the present.

Someone said to me, on the final two sea days of an 11-day cruise, “Well, it’s all over now.” I replied, “It’s all over when we’re at the dock and that isn’t for two days yet. We have all this time to relax, be happy and contented.” It’s pretty awful when you look ahead so much that you consider two days “all over.”


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