Sunday, November 08, 2009

That's Not Funny At All

Stephen Colbert, moderator of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report,” is a parody of Bill O’Reilly – and does a good job of being a pompous right-winger.

He’s also a good actor, as I found out one night when someone showed a snippet of a tv show he was in. I don’t know the name, nor the plot, but it turned out his character was very good at forging signatures of famous historical people. Stephen played a very different person than what he does four nights a week on his show.

Many years ago, I watched another tv drama, about a traveling salesman who heard stuff in his head. If there was much of a plot, I missed it, but it turned out fairly well at the end. Never heard of the star, but he was a very good dramatic actor. Later on, I saw him as a comedian, name of Don Rickles. He could have done both, equally well.

Yet another tv drama centered on a clothing manufacturer whose factory was struck by its workers. The owner was out on the line with them, arguing and showing that he could do their work as well as they. Another good performance by a talented dramatic actor, name of Jerry Lewis. Not “the kid” anymore, but very involved in this performance.

You’ve never heard of the big British comedian Kenneth More. Everyone thought it was a huge mistake to cast him in a dramatic film, but he turned out to be just the best fit for the starring role in the first Titanic epic, “A Night To Remember” (1958), still regarded as the best of those films.


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