Friday, November 06, 2009

The Light That Wouldn't Change

Some things never change. The traffic light at North Main and Union, for instance: if you are crossing Main on Union, you can sit there until Jesus comes again in glory, at least at night. Even a cop told me to blow the light, as they have called for repairs many times and nobody has fixed it.

I only went thru it once and the rest of the time I make a right, do a U’ie and proceed up the street. Last night, I did this and a cop was coming; he never stopped me.

We had a light near my place that would stay red for close to five minutes. I saw a cop blow it after a couple of minutes; you and I would get a ticket, but the guy who gives tickets seems to be immune to them. It’s like Typhoid Mary, who spread the disease but never caught it herself. Typhoid Cops; a good name for them.

Back home, we had two main roads that intersected. You have to understand what we mean by “main roads” in this burg: you could stand in the middle of either one and not get hit by a car for several minutes. You could stand in the intersection and you would still be safe. We lived at the end of nowhere.

So there was a blinking yellow light which did its job and still had time off. Then someone decided we needed a regular red-yellow-green light; nobody else in town held that opinion. Now we have a traffic light with nothing to do and a Councilman who can boast how he made everyone safe. He can do it in the middle of the intersection.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The old folks/residents still call it ''The Blinker''

Ms. Victoria Lawn

November 09, 2009 6:05 AM  

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