Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reflections Of A Dump Picker

Between our village and the main town was an unused, former swamp, piece of land. As the story goes (handed down by my mother), a husband and wife aeronautical team, “The Flying Mollisons” landed at Stratford Airport one fine day, causing the good citizens of Stratford to promptly re-name the strip “Mollison Airport,” in an effort to bring themselves some fame.

“They didn’t actually make it to the airport,” Mom said. “They sort of crash-landed short of the runway.” I think that means they landed in what is now, and might have been then, the town dump. Not really sure about that.

The town could have called it “The Mollison Dump,” if that were the case. You get your publicity where you can, because these days it’s a rather handsome park, although there are vents all over the place to release the methane being generated underneath.

I spent a lot of time there in my wasted youth. People threw out all sorts of usable things which went very well in my part of the cellar. You just never knew what you would find and my parents never knew what I would come home with. But it was good junk and I held onto it for years.

During the day, it was filled with seagulls; at night, the eyes of a thousand rats reflected my headlights. Occasionally, a cop would be at the top of the hill trying to catch us picking, but I’d outfox him every time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful golf course is now built on that dump (wonder if they use those vent holes for golf cups), the rows of cottages which bordered the dump have been replaced by tennis courts, all roads wich enclose the dump are ''no parking'' and if you are not from there ,it will cost you ten bucks to get into the area of Short Beach and the ex-dump, ''Trashmore Meadows''(?). i was quite upset to loosen my purse strings when I went fishing over there as in my mind it was only yesterday that the Cooney's were the only family there, the smell kept Lordship barricaded from Stratford, we could fish all night ,,,,

Tempus does fugit doesn't it.

Exit 318

April 02, 2009 6:39 AM  

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