Friday, February 06, 2009

When 40 Was Spring ... Or Winter

It’s going to be 40 degrees! At last it’s warming up!
It’s going to be 40 degrees! That’s really too cold!

Well, depends: Are you leaving a very cold winter, or having the first cool snap of fall? Makes a big difference. This weekend, we will be walking around in light clothes, even though we’d be bundled up a bit if it happened in the fall.

I can remember going to school when +20 was considered a rather seasonable day. I think that February it never got up to nothing, so anything above zero was a luxury.

Right now, my music service ( is playing, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” and it sure was this morning. Things are getting better now, but the music remains valid and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s such a nice piece I’d listen to it anytime. A long time ago, when I was a dj somewhere, I played it during a heat wave.

Ray Charles and an uncredited female singer are featured here. Good piece and certainly appropriate. But, as I mentioned above, I’d listen to it anytime.

Perhaps I should keep a note on when the weather breaks 40 and stick it in my calendar along about the fall, then make a note then when we drop down to 40 and see what people (including me) say at that point. Will it be “of course it gets cool now” or will it be “baby, it’s cold outside”?


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