Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mascot Here, Mascot There

The late comedian Jimmy Durante would often say, “Everybody wants t’get into da act.” Indeed, they do.

Remember Woodsy the Owl? Maybe Mr. Woodsy is still around, working for some wildlife prevention thing.

Smokey Bear (only in a jingle was he Smokey The Bear to keep the proper rhythm) has lasted quite some time, much longer than the now-deceased Mr. Smokey.

Speedy Alka-Seltzer just came out of retirement to hawk how speedy is the remedy. You haven’t changed a bit.

We now have some un-named bears in the woods and, guess what! They’re doing just what bears do in the woods. Except these are advertising toilet paper.

Now I notice the yearly appearance (well, second year in a row) of Iris on the front of a compact disc for our radio station to air. “Iris,” it says. “She’s back. With more tips to help you through tax season.”

The IRS has adopted its own mascot, “Iris,” as a friendly reminder to file your taxes and proclaiming “the IRS is here to help.” So was, as I recall, the Spanish Inquisition. Iris is in Room 7017 CL:C:MT. Don’t ask.


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