Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just How Boring Can It Get?

I wonder what could be more boring? And in what order?

Watching paint dry has always been the standard of boredom, or supreme lack of interest relative to some other event (sports, for me).

Watching an iron pole rust?

How about watching a Quartermaine die on “General Hospital”? I visited my parents once and found my father watching one of them passing on to glory. Three months later, another visit, same Quartermaine still in the death throes.

Counting fence posts on Interstate 80, from start to finish. Or Interstate 95, ditto. Or the number of items in a very large supermarket, then starting over just to check your addition and see if anything has been added.

Listening to someone talk about a subject in which you have absolutely no interest, never did and never in your lifetime will. That person has just begun, with great gusto and enthusiasm, the night is young and you are stuck in his house/car for a long time.

Here's something, perhaps boring to you but not to my family: Watching the tide change. For you, that’s probably as bad as it gets. For us, seeing those three or four ripples as the sea changes from low to high is pretty neat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still do Tom ! Almost on a daily basis I am down along the St. Lawrence River with my podnah. Right now to us anyway, it is very exciting as we had a 20' tide earlier this month and HUGE ice blocks were pushed by the northerly winds and these blocks are 8' - 10' thick. In this river you can see the currents going in both directions. As I write a ship left Montréal Thursday and has been stuck in the ice now for30 hours some 3 1/2 hours downriver from here. An icebreaker is there 24/24 servicing and trying to get it out. I spent a good part of Sunday afternoon on apier watching a nocean tug and an icebreaker work to get a ship out and going from the pier. Tides are terribly interesting.

Exit 318

January 27, 2009 5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How 'bout watching the snow pile up against your door, like it did last evening? I watched it because TV programation has gone down the drain.

Today is a new day, yessir y'betcha and y'know what? Today is the Feast of the St. Shovel!


January 29, 2009 7:52 AM  

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