Thursday, February 05, 2009

It Just Came Up To My Hips

People Who Figure These Things Out have figured this one out: just how warm (or hot, actually) it was around the equator and such places in the long-ago and thankfully nowhere near 2009 times.

You need to have a certain temperature to keep cold-blooded creatures alive. That’s why you won’t see them in the Arctic and/or Antarctic. (The latter not to be confused with Antacid, although it does mean the same thing relative to –arctic and –acid.)

Anyway, long ago (thankfully) and far away (also thankfully) there were these huge giant snakes. You can worry all you want about anacondas, boa constrictors and pythons; these are just garden-variety squeezers compared to what was keeping the barnyard clean in those days.

To support their cold-blooded metabolism, it had to be pretty hot. Given the molt the People Who Figure These Things Out ran into, they have assumed a minimum temp of between 87-90 degrees. Mimimun.

So you are walking along and see a log up to your hip and decide to sit down. The log moves. You move. Hopefully, you move faster than the “log” and 42 feet in front of you the head doesn’t quite catch on that someone has been sitting on it.

It’s a rough life; always has been.


Anonymous ger_77 said...

I'm so glad God hadn't created me back then - He would have been really disappointed with the scaredy-cat person He'd made when it comes to snakes. My only hope is that if I everwould have sat on the "moving log" that I could run faster scared than the "log" could hungry!

February 08, 2009 11:50 AM  

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