Sunday, February 08, 2009

That Kind Of Person

As I understand it, she was the kind of person who, as the airplane was making its final turn over New Jersey, ready to line up for its approach to LaGuardia Airport, took out her house keys. Or so the story goes.

Had a teacher once in grad school; when he erased the blackboard, he never did it in any kind of methodical way. A little bit here, a little bit there, all over the place without any pattern to what he was doing. Had he simply gone line by line, or up & down, the job would have been done in a quarter of the time.

This fellow I knew used to underline passages in books he agreed with, or thought were important. That usually would be most of the book. Then he would double-underline parts which were *really* important. For sections which were doubly, super important, he would triple-underline. For those which surpassed even these, he would then write exclamatory comments in the margins.

My cousin happily glories being “pigs in the parlor” Irish. She just has too much to do and housekeeping isn’t one of her primary talents. I was in her car one day as, facing the sun, she had to drive with her head out the window because the windshield was so dirty. I said, “We’re going to clean this,” and she said, “Oh, don’t worry about it; I drive this way all the time,” and gave an uproarious laugh.

You might as well enjoy them; they’re that kind of person.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your cousin? Not the Chipmunk?


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