Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Perfect 10, Of Several Kinds

It all started with a plumber. The whole thing: God, the Ten Commandments, the Holy Angels, the Perfection and, ultimately the prostitutes. Oh, the trip to Mexico, as well.

Y’see, the plumber started an escort service based on the Ten Commandments, God’s Perfection and the Holy Angels. They weren’t really escorts as we think of them, oh no; they were simple, innocent girls who would, uh, escort men to places they wanted to go.

Girls who were, like God, perfection. Like the Command-ments, a perfect 10. Like the Angels, angelic. All very holy, all very above board.

How could anyone ever accuse this gentleman of running a prostitution ring? He was all in accord with God, etc. How insulting could you be? He was so persecuted it was necessary for him to leave for Mexico, where he could run his operation without fear of retribution from all those unholy cops.

Somehow, they got him back. He’s in the slammer now for having some less-than-perfect angels under his wing. Some of the Perfect 10 Commandment girls seemed to be breaking a few. God was not pleased.

I guess you can have God on your side for just so long, and then it’s “so long.” The time span for this would be, maybe, until you transgress a commandment or two. Adultery might be one, coveting your neighbor’s wife could be another.