Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BFF, As The Girls Put It

My Best Friend Forever was Dinah Kelly; that lasted until I was eight and then my family moved away. Tommy Krickscuin was next, although he was about five years younger and that made a bit of a difference in how you define as “best friend.” Let’s say he was a good friend, but not best.

Best friend might be Kevin Condon, from St. James grammar school. We saw each other only during class, but had a lot of fun then; too much, in fact, as we were always “staying after,” as we called it. The nuns missed nothing.

Peggy Snow wasn’t a BFF, but we got along well. I guess the best definition of this term was that, when her mother passed away many years later and I showed up at the wake, we connected immediately and it seemed almost normal that I, regardless of where I was living, would be there.

I had another BFF, but I can’t remember his name right now. Isn’t that true for many of us? I’d bet if I took a survey, there would be many who would say the same.

I’ve had a few who I do remember that fall into the general realm of radio, both Amateur and Commercial. One who brought me into the hobby, others who befriended me in my career at various stations – perhaps not quite BFF’s, but certainly quite close.

And those who paved the way: my parents and ‘bro.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In life you have BFFs, and you have FOOs, (Friends of Occasions). Those are the ones who might be co-workers, or a friend you made in your bowling lwague but who, outside of work or bowling, you know notihng. Then there are PODS..(Podnahs) A true Pod is'' You have cried on each other's shoulder, you have called on another up in the middle of the night for help, you have said, ''Today I'd like to be alone'' and all these have been understood and accepted.

Most people do not reach that point in a relationship, I did. I have a Pod and believe me, despite the te nyears of age difference and all, we've been there for each other.


January 18, 2009 11:51 AM  

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