Sunday, November 02, 2008

12 1/2 Million Cheez-Its A Day

The guy at the Cheez-It factory makes 12.5 million per day. Where do you store 12-plus million today, when you have another similar pile coming out tomorrow? In just two days, you have 25 million little crackers sitting around ready to take over the world.

Apparently, he is trying to keep up with the demand and, since there have been no newspaper articles about huge piles of Cheez-Its taking over the town and driving residents to the outskirts, it's working.

- - -

If the moon is made of green cheese, is the Leaning Tower of Pisa filled with spaghetti sauce? Some company which makes the stuff says they make enough in one year to fill the Tower twice. Perhaps we can tap it, like Canadians tap maple trees, and see if anything comes out. Wouldn’t it be funny if something did?

- - -

Nobody yet has claimed their popcorn output would fill a football stadium. Let’s assume they mean when it is finally popped in your kitchen, not kernels as sold in the store. What’s the area of a typical stadium? Then how much popcorn would it take to fill it? Then, how much popcorn does Jolly Time make in a year? Or how much is made by all companies in our country in a year?


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