Friday, October 31, 2008

Suppose Fish Farted

Well, suppose they did? There’s a lot of methane in the ocean and it had to come from somewhere. I mean, 15% of the methane in our atmosphere comes from cow and goat farts.

Suppose paperclips reproduced? That’s not as crazy an idea as you might think. Put one clip in your desk drawer and, after a month, there is still one; put in two and you still have two. But, like carrier pigeons which only reproduce in flocks, have five or ten and after a while you have twenty, then thirty, then fifty.

Can snowflakes speak? I think so. Go outside on a perfectly still night when snow is falling and listen. Just listen, very quietly. You can hear the snow coming down before it reaches the ground and that sound is the flakes talking to each other. It helps if you live in the sticks, or there’s no noise in the suburbs.

Do rocks walk? I bet they do, but only at night when nobody is watching. Notice where they are in the daytime and then see which ones have moved. It won’t be every one, and it may not be far, but they will change places as if they were chess pieces.

Can the earth go bald? I think of trees as the earth’s hair. There are places where it never had any; just water or ice; there are locations where it was thick and luxurious but are now deserts. Elsewhere, we have used a watery restorative to bring back some greenery and a little bit of growth.


Anonymous ruthc said...

Supposed Fish Farted

I'll never again look at my swordfish dinner the same way.
And that tuna fish sandwich for lunch isn't gonna happen today.

November 01, 2008 2:40 PM  

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