Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Inherited A Few Things

...much to my surprise.

I inherited a last name, which brings with it the plusses and minuses of being related to others with that name in my town. There are some of the former and many of the latter. But it came with my creation and I had nothing to do with it.

A certain ethnicity, as well. On my mother’s side, straight New England Yankee back to 1639, then a hop across the Atlantic to England. On my father’s side, an ancestry that reflects warm June nights in the backseats of buggies all through England, France and ending up with an Irish name.

I inherited life, as well. That was the first thing. Came from nothingness into being, and still here – with my religion telling me that when my body finally falls apart (or gets in the way of something), I will continue living in another place, without end. I hope I get the right place, sunny and warm but not ferociously hot.

Speaking of getting to the right place, I also inherited a belief system (religion), of the Catholic denomination. Some people take their religion to the Customer Service desk and either get cash back or a different product; I’m comfortable in mine, even if I think it needs a lot of fixing.

I inherited a gender. A height. Inherent abilities.