Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cow Thoughts

I lived on a farm for a while and got to wondering what the cows thought during all those hours when they’d be out in the field. You just don’t sit there without some ideas floating through your brain.

Unless a cow brain doesn’t process much beyond eating, pooping and passing large amounts of water. And occasionally ending up on the business end of a bull.

Naturally, they aren’t going to write The Great American Novel, but I sort of wish they’d do something with what’s between those horns. I guess not a chance.

Horses. Do you think they race with such determination because it gets around the stables that if they keep coming in last they will take that one-way trip to the glue factory? It’s got to be on their minds; they are no fools.

As for chickens, you have to wonder what’s up there between those beady eyes. No much, I’d say; I think they are made to scratch around the barnyard for feed and lay eggs, six per week.

Cats think; they think long and hard. But they never let you know what it’s about, nor will they deign to scribe those thoughts. Cats are, have been, will be and remain a mystery. In this, they delight. A cat gazing out the window is pondering the universe, become one with it.


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