Friday, August 22, 2008

Watcha Doing This Weekend?

You don’t own a cat; you may have a cat in your house, you may feed it, brush it, flush its poop down the toilet, but you don’t own it. The cat owns itself.

My friend, who has a cat which owns itself, has been away for several days and I have the job of (industry-speak: I have been tasked with) taking care of the little one until such time as its owner ha-ha gets back.

Our little boy kitty is starting to approach what I think maybe the age at which it starts looking lustfully at little girl kitties. We’re not saying anything, but in a few weeks, it will have neither the equipment nor the desire to do much more than anything but frolic around the house, watch sports on tv (loves them) and sleep.

The church I belong to is pretty hung up on things sexual, whether done, thought of or planned. So I don’t know what the teaching is when it comes to keeping kitty from increasing, multiplying and filling the earth. Maybe there are exceptions for our four-legged friends. At any rate, this kitty isn’t about to multiply.

I’m going over now to take care of him. Ignore the time this post went up, as I put the title online at some odd time. It’s really 1:13 in the afternoon, a sunny day which will turn rainy later this evening. That will make no difference to me, but kitty will probably look out the window and wonder where all the water is coming from. They seem to do that a lot, whether it’s clouds or faucets.


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