Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting Serious About Packing

It’s getting late – only four real packing days to go and I’ve sort of started, but not with any real vengeance. (“Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.”) Ok, but the Lord is not packing; let’s settle for “not with any real determination. Is that ok with the Bible thumpers? Nothing heard, so I guess I’m safe.

There really isn’t much to pack for a 14-day cruise. The ship has a self-serve laundry right down the hall, so all I have to do is be selective as to what I bring with me. People have often said, “Half the clothes and twice the money.” I say, “Half the clothes, half the money and a good credit card will see you through most anything.”

Mom and I went through a lot of Alaska, including near-nameless places in the interior, as well as the Arctic, on little more than $100 in Travelers’ Checks and a credit card each. Even above the Arctic Circle, they honor Visa cards. No fools, they. Pipeline workers don’t run around with wallets full of the tender that is legal.

Necessities: Tickets, passport, credit card and some pictures of dead presidents. Should have: Clothes. “Should have?” Yeah; if you forget them, you can pick them up at any port. Nice things: Binoculars, reading material (although there is a well-stocked library on all the ships).

Gotta get a bus ticket, too, although the 4:00am out of Our Fair City should not be much of a problem. Also, an online ticket on Greyhound to Boston.


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