Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Five Seven Zero On The Maasdam

My cabin assignment arrived for next week’s cruise on the Maasdam. It didn’t arrive so much as I went online to my reservation and found it listed, after another passenger told me his had shown up.

Both of us booked “Guarantee,” which pretty much means we get what we get and we’ll find out somewhere between two weeks out and at the pier. I have learned my cabin assignment at the pier, which is like having a baby and not knowing its gender until it comes out. This time, it’s ten days away, a typical time.

I’m near the self-serve laundry and not far from the elevators; that’s a plus. One deck up is the wrap-around Lower Promenade Deck; a nice place to wander, especially at night when we kick up a little spray. You can’t beat being on the Lower Prom at night when there are shore lights, passing ships and the moonlight.

The two decks above that are where all the action is (shops, theaters, dining rooms, library, Internet café). Next two decks are the rich people, followed by the Lido buffet and restaurant; that’s where I hang out a lot, reading with my endless cup of tea, and pondering the mysteries of the universe. Falling asleep, too.

Next deck up is the roof of the ship, mostly a running deck and above that, in front, is the Sky Deck. I lie down on a deck chair at night and look straight up at the stars above me; when I wake, I head to the Lido for some tea.