Tuesday, July 29, 2008

He Robbed A Bunch Of People

I had another idea, and title, for today’s blog, but someone posted a reply here for something I had posted on another site, one dealing with the local media. So I’ll let the tail wag the dog and use his reply (I suppose it’s a he) shape the entry.

The topic on the other board was about a serial robber and someone seems to have mistaken the word as being “cereal.”

Our respondent here is curious about the various charges which could be brought against the perp. Serial Cereal Robber? Cereal Robber in Serial Fashion? Read the reply and make up your own mind against the day when you may be on a jury.

On technicalities such as this, bodies have swung from gallows or been set free to continue their reprobate ways. A misplaced comma can be worse than a missed period.

The bad guy in question robbed any business that a door or window through which he could enter. If the tender was legal, he’d take it. “Heroin addiction,” he later said. Needed the cash to get more “smack,” more “junk,” more “horse.” Gotta feed the monkey on his back.

People have robbed their grandmothers; one fellow even knocked over his local 7-11 and didn’t wear a mask, he was that desperate. Now, if you’re addicted to cereal, that’s another matter and far less serious.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would someone who robs Wheaties habitually be a serial robber, a cereal robber, a serial cereal robber, a serial robber of cereal, a robber, a cereal robber in serial fashion, a cereal robber in cereal fashion (if he did so wearing a Cap'n Crunch get-up) or all of the above?

July 30, 2008 9:26 PM  

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