Friday, July 25, 2008

Christmas In July

July 25, nearly the end of the merchants’ “Christmas In July” sales boost month. The first time I heard of this was back around 1970. This year, I don’t recall noticing it unless it has become so much a part of the landscape it’s just there and we accept it without thinking. Well, it came into my consciousness when I was reading the Senior Citizens’ Center hot noon meals on my radio program and the July 25 menu was titled “Christmas In July.”

“So late in the month,” I wondered; “usually these things come at the start.” Then it dawned on me: “Ah-HA! The twenty and fifth! Five months until Xtemas, as they said in the Olde Days. The significantly heavier* man in the red suit is still getting ready to drop down your chimney."

*(Preferred by the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, Inc.

Back to topic. Jesus is but four months old as the stores hang their Xmas July signs. He wouldn’t know it (or would he??), having only hands, feet, (uh…boy bits), vital organs, eyelids, fingernails and toenails. But no ears to hear store owners talking about Xmas July promotions; they won’t develop for another month.

So, let’s start a movement: quietly and sneakily leave a little crèche scene of some sort in the store window. Mary, Joseph and an ultrasound of little Baby Jesus still developing. That should attract lots of attention!


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