Saturday, July 26, 2008

5 Weeks And 0 Days

Today is but five weeks until my vacation and, surprise, it’s aboard Holland America Line’s cruise ship Maasdam.

Oh, you’re not surprised.

It’s my chance to be quiet, to be alone, to ponder the mysteries of the universe. And how, you haven’t asked yet, can I do that with 1,267 other people on board? Easily enough, and I’ve done it every year. Find the quiet places, which is not that difficult. Yes, there are quiet places on cruise ships, depending on the time and the location.

The Lido buffet is my main reflection spot; normally packed with people stuffing themselves like pigs, the food line is closed and it’s quiet between 8:30 and 11:00 at night. Sometimes, I’m the only person there; often there are only a half-dozen in a place that seats about 600. Coffee and tea are always available, as are tables near the window.

The Sky Deck has a protective windshield, with deck chairs. At night, when it’s vacant, I lie down, flat, and just look straight up at the stars, thinking about the vastness of the universe and the Creator who put it all together. When I wake, I head to the Lido for some tea.

It’s a cruise, it’s a vacation, it’s a retreat. It’s a time to be quiet; as I said, to ponder the mysteries of the universe and get perspective on things.


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