Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dog & Pony Shows Come To Town

Harking back to the blog entry for March 18, wherein the editorial “we” spoke of the three leading candidates suddenly being very fond of Our Fair State – two of them arrived today. One in this college and one in that college. No particular reason for the split except that both wanted to use our larger gym and, due to which advance team called before the other, it ended up as “ladies first.”

All three candidates are pro-choice and of the two who were kissing babies today, the local pro-life office, predictably, showed up only at our place. The reason given was that we are an RC operation and the other isn’t, but I suspect it’s because Barack’s last name isn’t “Clinton.” She could eliminate the income tax, give us $1.00 gas and become like Betty Crocker, but it’s the last name that brings out the pickets. When John McCain gets wheeled in, they’ll give him a pass because he’s a Republican.

So promises were made and cheering squads, like the audience on Oprah’s show, made the right noises at the right times.

But I wonder just how much any president is able to do? Ok, this one put us in a war nobody wanted, including his father, the Pope and other countries. But when it comes to pro-choice or pro-life, the decision isn’t theirs; it’s ours. We can’t blame anyone but ourselves for the decision we make when the issue hits us in the face. Hillary, Barack and John didn’t make us do it; we did.

For anyone’s information: I am an undecided voter and could go for any of the three at this point.