Saturday, March 29, 2008

Satellites Roaming The Streets

Back in my younger, more carefree, days we’d be riding around the streets of Stratford in the calm state of Connecticut. These were the times when Russia had launched its first two orbital show-offs and the U.S. was about to, or already had, put up some sort of functioning object that rotated ‘round and ‘round the earth for whatever reason. Probably just to show we could do it, too.

Anyway, back to us front-seat and back-seat daters. Whenever we’d see a car with a front headlight out, we’d shout “Satellite!” and it was good for one kiss. You’d get them anyway you could; at the time, this worked.

Many years later, I still think of this when I see a car coming toward me with one or another of its headlights out. I wanted to shout it at a cop last night when I noticed his patrol car was missing a light, but discretion won out over memories.

I’ve also heard that you can tell the state of the economy by the non-working car headlights. When things are tough, people will drive with a burnt-out light rather than spend the $$ to replace it. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I’ve seen a lot of that lately and we sure are slipping into bad times. One never knows.

No longer do we have one, or two, or three satellites up in the sky; the real estate there is getting pretty crowded. But you can still revive the “see a one-light car and get a kiss” practice with your Best Beloved.


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