Monday, March 31, 2008

25% Off

It’s the end of March and we have finished the first three months of the year. One-quarter of 2008 is already gone and honestly could not tell you where it went.

I had a cruise in January, the radio show I do for the blind ran every day (with me as host, except for when I was on that cruise). My other work has also kept me busy.

But 25%. We’re using up the year quicker than I expected, or planned. As my brother says, life is like a roll of toilet paper – the closer you are to the end, the faster it unrolls. When you are very young, you measure time in much smaller amounts. Years+months, for instance; you are 8 years and 5 months. When you are an infant, you are 14 months old, or 25 months old. A year and three months. Summer vacation is all the time in the world.

When next month ends, it will be one-third of the year used up. 25% changes to 33.3% in just a month’s time.

We have to quickly take stock of what we intended to do and get down to doing it. I just took care of some radio-related work that’s been kicking around until I “got around to it.” Well, I decided to get around to it. My onboard reading is undated clippings from the New York Times and I had piles of papers around my room; they are almost all gone now and the clip envelopes are filling up in anticipation of this fall’s trip.

I’ll be on the ship when two-thirds of the year has passed.


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