Thursday, March 27, 2008

Those Odd And Winding Streets

Zerby Avenue, a short sort of street, but long enough to contain five churches, a funeral home and a bar. Plus a few houses and a factory of sorts. It also starts in Kingston and ends in Edwardsville. That’s a lot of work for something which is only about three blocks long, maybe four at most.

Kennedy Street, if I’m thinking of the right place, is just filled with funeral homes: two out of every three. That is, of the three houses on the street, two of them are undertakers’ parlors.

Franklin Street, poor thing, you can’t get from here to there. The street runs the whole length of the city, but there are gaps for this and that (one of them for a cliff with two cemeteries and a large factory behind it).

Behee Street used to be a driveway for a local lawyer, ex-DA, who lived next door. Later, it was a parking lot (right in the middle, as there was no berm) for people who worked locally. Nobody, but nobody, ever used it as a street, nor was it ever maintained by the city or given a street sign. It is now used as the entrance to a parking lot, still un-signed and un-maintained.

Railroad Avenue, across the river, is two streets away from the tracks. Why they couldn’t have put it closer is beyond me. It appears the tracks are where they’ve always been, but there could have been a spur track years ago.


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