Saturday, September 15, 2007

Here You Are, Honey

The best places to eat, in my humble opinion, are those where the waitresses call you “honey” or “hon.” It’s symbolic of good food at reasonable prices, and in the evening when things slow down, you can stay as long as you like without being bothered.

Not many places have good conversations like you find here. Not ours, but those we overhear.

“So on my way to work, I drop off [my dog] at the day-care center.”

The day-care center? For her dog? From what she says, it has some sort of separation anxiety and can’t stand being left alone while Mama Dog (or whatever pooch sees her owner as) is away at work, earning the money that buys dog food.

That’s what I like about cats; they don’t know from beans about separation anxiety. When you’re not around, they sleep and/or have a few bites from the dry food bowl. Now that I think of it, that’s pretty much the same as what they do when you *are* around.

Isn’t there something better I can do, rather than listen in on others’ conversations? Not really; not in a family restaurant where people tend to talk a little louder than they should. You hear all these great clips from situations you never really run into and might never. It’s all out there in public and more fun than walking behind someone on a cell phone, trying to re-create a conversation from what you can hear on the one end.


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