Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September In The Rain

"The leaves of brown come tumbling down, Remember? In September, in the rain..."

It’s not raining today; it’s actually quite nice, but I did see the leaves of brown coming tumbling down and it reminded me of that song. So much for accuracy. But there are times when accuracy takes second place to seasonal feelings, and this is one.

Some of the leaves are dropping; not many, but a few. Across the street from a friend’s house is a large maple, a tree of no mean dimensions. Its leaves will come down on Friday, every single one of them, as the tree itself has become a bother to the wires going through it (telephone, cable and electric in that order, bottom to top). So far, all the leaves are still green, changing the sun’s fire into whatever it is trees eat. Photosynthesis is the process, as I recall from some class I had.

When Mother Nature decides it’s time to brown and fall, it happens. She also has a hand in where those leaves end up – that is, your yard or a neighbor’s. We’ve someone nearby whose leaves tend to go straight down; they just don’t have any aerodynamic quality to them, so she has to pick them up, bag after bag, week after week.

To paraphrase the CapitalOne commercials: “What’s in your compost heap?” If she kept one, it would be a lot easier and nobody’s going to be checking that corner of her backyard to see what’s in the pile. You just stomp it down once in a while and it never grows any higher; year after year it stays the same or even becomes smaller.


Anonymous ColdJoshVail said...

Ah yes, September. Our temps are nearing freezing at night, leaves are donning their vestments for the last trip, the one down. Sad in a way. Sad because winters and summers are stagnant, not much changes, but along comes September or April and the changing of the seasons denotes a passage of time, and the times whch pass so quickly will never be seen again.

On the brighter side, kids are back in school, the grass no longer needs to be mowed, and Oct. 1 means that Xmas decorations come out.Arrgghh..................

September 16, 2007 9:24 PM  

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