Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Xerxes, King Of Persia

Rhinoceros, Xylophone, Abracadabra, Platypus.

Now, what did I have for breakfast this morning? Well, what did I have? It’s hard to remember. But I don’t have any problem remembering the meaning of words I haven’t used for a long time. When is the last time a duck-billed platypus came up in conversation? But you probably know pretty much what it is, or could pick it out in a line-up where it was next to a cow, a circus clown, your pet cat and a lizard.

My brother and I were on Instant Messenger one day and he asked for the phone number of an old family friend we haven’t called in a whole bunch of decades. I typed in the number without a pause and sent it to him, despite having to stop and think what my own cell phone is.

Our school mailboxes had pointers and numbers with half-number lines. You might have a combination of 3 – 8 ½ - 6. After a bit of time, I could not tell you the numbers, but I knew the hand movements and could probably still open it based on “muscle memory,” if such exists.

I’ve heard people talk about where they were when a particular song was being played, which is good news for me. There are times when I hear a piece on the car radio and can tell you, to the spot on the road, where I was on different occasions when it came over the air. If I go back there, will I hear it again?


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