Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Party Was At 8:37pm

Friend of mind occasionally holds quiet little parties for this occasion or that. Not many people; maybe a dozen or so come and go through the evening to enjoy the small deli platter, a little wine, soft drinks or water.

Friday night’s was at 8:37. They are always at odd times so people will remember just when they are being held. You might not recall if it was 8:00 or 9:00, but it’s not hard to keep 8:37 or 9:06 in mind.

He’s an actor, head of the Theater Department at the college and knows how to keep people’s attention. That little discontinuity sticks out in our heads; it’s what makes a joke funny, among other things, and it’s the gimmick many entertainers use so they stand out from the rest of the crowd.

When my college comes a-calling for the annual Alumni Fund Drive (and it’s more inevitable than death or taxes, because you can be resuscitated or find an IRS loophole), I usually donate something like $37.42 or $43.57. One time I got a call and the person said, “Last year, you donated $41.72; would you consider raising your gift to $47.19?” I guess they caught on and played along with the gimmick.

That may be the reason we choose license plates. Why have the usual AKJ 3890 when we can have KENAI (my friend’s cat), GR8MOM (Great Mom), IDID26 (marathon runner?) or SXRXRNR (sex, drugs, rock n roll -- a real plate).


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