Sunday, September 09, 2007

"Cross-Fade Camera One And Camera Three"

I don’t follow sports, for no good reason; they just never excited me, so each season’s games go their way and I go mine. Except, of course, when I did news, sports and weather on the radio and had to sound excited over every team that used a ball in its plays.

(“You know, it’s funny,” a night-school classmate once said. “I heard you doing the sports on the way in to school and you are so enthusiastic. But you never talk about it any other time.” There’s a reason, honey; I don’t give a, well, anything.)

I do know that a baseball book referred to “The Boys of Summer,” so I assume football would be the boys of fall. But it dawned on me that I have been announcing NFL pre-season football for several weeks now. The Boys of Summer have to move over for the Boys of Pre-Fall.

In television, we can cut from one camera to another, quite cleanly. You go from camera one to camera three. Camera 1's red light goes off and camera 3's light goes on, so the talent knows where to look or, at least, from angle they are being looked at.

We can also cross-fade. You keep camera 1 on the air and slowly bring in camera 2 while taking out 1. Both red lights are on and the talent knows it’s a slow crossover. Same as sports: Baseball is still going on, but the playoffs are in sight, while football slowly comes into the picture. Just remember which one has a home run and which has a touchdown.


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