Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Wash When Dirty"

I was behind a person whose t-shirt label, as seems to be the fashion these days, was on the outside. Curious as I always am, I started reading it. “Made in China,” and so on, “Wash When Dirty.”

Well, that must have been thought up by Mr. Obvious.

Possibilities for this instruction:

(a) “Don’t keep wearing it for so long a time that you notice people are standing further and further away when they speak with you.”

(b) “Clothes need to be washed. This is a piece of clothing. It gets dirty. When that happens, toss it in the wash. ‘K?

(c) “If this item was light blue when you bought it and it’s gray now, you might think about introducing it to water and detergent. Regularly.

Mr. Obvious also made up a flood evacuation sign back where I used to live. Our village was right on the water and, at the water’s edge, there was a sign pointing to higher land and instructing us to head that way. The only other choice was into the ocean. Our suspicion was they had an extra sign and orders to put it somewhere. What better place than at the beach, telling the residents not to evacuate into the thundering waves?


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