Thursday, August 30, 2007

Round And Round They Go

For reasons that I can never figure out, I occasionally get fascinated by the role of circles in our lives. Small circles to enormous, beyond measuring, circles.

Measuring cups are circular; so are fry pans and many cakes. The rotary dials on old telephones, clock faces, wheels, traffic lights and incandescent light bulbs. All of them are as round as your coffee cup, dinner plate, tea kettle or water pipes.

There must have been some person, or persons, unknown, who realized that circles have an excellent reason to be an essential part of our life.

Could it be they figured out the earth was a circle? Or that our trip around the sun is a circle? They never knew it took our galaxy revolves in a 284 million year circle.

We instinctively draw our wagons into a circle when attacked. Dogs often go around in a circle before they lay down in the grass. We talk about going around in circles when we are confused. Hula Hoops would never have sold in any other shape.

Everybody has a story.
Jean Hickey went to glory(*). Former Copacabana girl, Johnny Weissmuller Water Show girl, and champion ballroom dancer, she went on to become an actress performing in more than 200 Broadway productions. (*)She was a deeply religious person.