Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Going Through Life Butt First

Actually, it's "but first."

I've got to write my blog, but first:

-Got to put my radio show together; but first,
-Want to put on the Canadian radio station I like that streams on the net; but first,
-I should make some tea and get a muffin from the kitchen; but first,
-There's that box of mail and junk I threw together when company came and I should go through it; but first,
-The cat is letting me know she hasn't been fed; but first,
-I've got to get some clean bowls from the kitchen; but first,
-Her perches need to be brushed while she's not in them; but first,

Well, you get the idea. The blog never did get written last night and I had to cheat with the date to keep it as “Tuesday.” I did get the show together, got the Canadian music station ok, had my tea and muffin, cleaned out all the junk in that box, fed the cat, got the clean bowls and cleaned the cat’s perches.

I rather doubt I’m the only person going through life But First. It would be interesting to have a poll somewhere, an anonymous poll of course, to see just how many others do the same thing. I suspect we’re not putting off the inevitable as much as we’re seeing the little stuff that we also need to do and can get out of the way quickly.


Blogger Carole Ann said...

I totally do this. All the time. But sometimes, with me, I use it as a tool for procrastination. Like just now, I really need to get cracking on some client work, but first I need to straighten my desk (because then I will work better); but first I need to check the weather (in case it’s going to rain and then I need to get the laundry off the line); but first I need to read Tom Carten’s blog because I haven’t in days and I’m sure I’m missing some really entertaining and clever insights about life... on and on it goes and oops now it's time to make dinner.

August 29, 2007 5:27 PM  

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