Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Half a thousand; no repeats that I know of and no missed days except for vacations.

Welcome once again to one of the quiet spots on the Internet, a site designed to be a gentle conversation during a slow walk down a country lane. We’re not going anywhere, not doing anything. It’s always a sunny June day and the lane is shaded by large trees.

We walk in silence until someone has an idea, whatever it may be, and talks about it without interruption. Maybe the other person comments at the end, but you say whatever’s in your head.

It’s so hard to speak of all the little things on your mind. We’re afraid to talk about what we see in the clouds. I once saw Donald Duck, but the professionals I work with are trying too hard to be professionals to enjoy that little bit of frivolity and would diss me if I ever told them. Imagination was fun when I was a kid; I want to make sure it still is.

My mother, when I was all of maybe four years old, took me on nature walks and we would look at the small, the tiny, the insignificant. From there, I learned to appreciate the smallest piece of work people have done to make our society work. I also learned to watch nature, such as the two birds across the street that often jump up in the air (without flying) while they are pecking for seeds.

As we continue on this country road, invite your friends.


Anonymous ruthc said...

'tis a pleasant stroll, indeed. :)

August 29, 2007 12:10 PM  

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