Friday, June 08, 2007

The Fountain Robin

We have a small fountain in our courtyard. It has a squared pedestal and a ball on the top, from which flows up a few inches of water, like a school bubbler. I noticed last year that a robin had taken it over during a hot spell. Specifically, the robin was sitting right on top of the bubbling water. “A good way to keep cool,” I thought, “like sitting on a warm radiator in the winter.”

We noticed it’s back this summer. Back sitting on the fountain, drinking from it, and bathing on it. As well as disregarding us when we walk across the courtyard. It might stop and give us a look, but that’s about all. That fountain belongs to the bird and on a hot day, it will take more than people walking by to make it move.

There are a few other, smaller birds which also drop by for something to drink, a little conversation, the news of the day, and then it’s back to work. I notice they do not come when the robin is around; this may be somewhat out of fear that the large bird might rearrange their beaks, or it might be no more than their respective break times are staggered. I understand robins have two feeding times during the day and are meat eaters (worms, etc.), while other birds forage for seeds and such at other times.

No squirrels yet; I’m not sure if they hang out around fountains, but when word gets around, we should find out. It could be they tank up in the morning, or only go for standing water (assuming they can find that around here).

So the bird sits on the fountain, lord and master of all it surveys.


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