Saturday, June 02, 2007

Enlightened Self-Interest

The house was repossessed and two neighbors had ideas to make it look better. One, who lived next door, put an elbow and extension on the drain pipe so it fed into the house’s back yard. Much better than before. Another thought it would be good to cut the grass, so the house would look better for potential buyers. Another helped level a spotlight at a neighbor’s backyard shrine.

Nice people; good to have near you.

The drainpipe originally just emptied into a driveway and fed water into the basement next door until, when the house was vacated, the neighbor bought the extension and changed the water flow. The new owners will never know.

The fellow who will cut the grass –once—will follow that with an evening with his metal detector and is pretty sure he will find a few old coins down in the dirt somewhere.

The spotlight in the shrine was also shining up into the bedroom window of the person who helped level it, conveniently aiming it a bit lower.

“Enlightened Self Interest” is what’s at play here. I’m happy to do this for you (because I have something I want to get out of it for me). Both sides make out in the deal, although side #2 may not be fully aware that side #1 stands to make out somewhat better.

“Hey … I’d like to do you a favor …”


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