Thursday, May 31, 2007

We've Got The Measles

Everything was so clear; no marks, no red splotches. Nothing to warn us. Then, suddenly, the Doppler Radar weather map started blossoming with these little rash markings. I knew instantly that it wouldn’t be a matter of a concentrated front passing through, but thunderstorms popping up here and there, forming, moving a bit, dissolving and never to be seen again. Meanwhile, storms would be popping up elsewhere. The entire state would look as if it had the measles.

Sometimes the entire east coast, all the mid-Atlantic states, look this way on the radar map. Red, yellow and green splotches. You know the meaning of “widely scattered thunderstorms” when you see this effect.

But sometimes there is a crooked yellow line with dark green going more or less in a very general north-south direction. That’s one of those storm fronts that hits like the end of the world and lasts twenty minutes. Enough lightning and thunder to make you look up to the sky and wait for the angels to part the clouds and sound the final trumpets. But, no, it’s just a weather front and, behind it, sunny and cooler weather. The End Time will have to wait.

So, anyway, we had one of those measles days. I was watching the weather on tv tonight; the local station has people in three local cities. Here in Wilkes-Barre, nothing; up in nearby Scranton, the whole show; over in Williamsport, ok after a storm; in Stroudsburg, raining but no lightning. Take your pick, folks.


Anonymous cold josh vail said...

I like those cells that driveby, sometimes letting you know that there is somebody else running things up there.

They are fun to experience while sitting on the porch and 'feeling'' the force.

As a secondary effect, sort of, I heat with wood, my chainsaw is always in the ready position and those short mean cells also bring along windfalls.

Folks been messin' Nature too long and them cells will be gittin' bigger 'n meaner.

June 02, 2007 12:05 PM  

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