Thursday, May 24, 2007

Help The Cows And Goats Save The Planet

We are learning that cooperation with animals is important; working hand-in-hoof with them will insure the future of our planet. When I lived on a farm, we would never throw away the cow “droppings” but spread them on the hayfields to make new hay, which the cows ate and, eventually, pooped. The endless cycle of nature.

Methane is an essential part of our atmosphere and, therefore, of life. I’m not sure of the entire list of sources, but cows and goats contribute 15 percent of the earth’s methane due to their diet of hay and other such grasses.

Yes, our ecosystem and we are kept alive by cow and goat farts. The amount added by humans is probably negligible, although if you were in an elevator when someone did their part you might think otherwise.

Since boys and many (if not most) guys think personally adding methane to the atmosphere is a neat thing to do, especially when mistaken for a locomotive at a crossing, they will be disappointed to know it does little good for the planet and neither does it impress their wives or girlfriends. But when a cow says, “Pull my hoof,” get out of the way fast.

Everybody has a story.
George Zett, a former local resident, was a highly talented musician and had been a guitar player for the band “The Teens” which appeared on Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If two people are in an elevator, an someone farts, everyone knows who did it! You fart in church, you sit in your own pew!

May 25, 2007 9:56 PM  
Anonymous mad drummer said...

R.I.P. George Zett.
I saw you play many times at the C.Y.C. on Washington.
Tell "Oyster" we all said "hi".

May 26, 2007 4:05 PM  

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