Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Cat Sits In The Window

It’s late at night – actually well past midnight and in the wee small hours of the day. My window, just to the right of my desk, is open and Kenai Kitty is sitting up in it. She has been surveying the outside for a while now, keeping track of the comings and goings of whatever is coming and going out there.

She has her windows. In the morning, when I get up, she is in the window right on the desk, sunning herself. She will move into my bedroom when the alarm goes off. If I’m not up fast enough for her, she meows rather quietly; if I do get up, she comes in and rubs against me, goes out, comes back in and rubs again.

She has the bedroom window, where she likes to go after breakfast or supper. There, she watches that which is known to her alone. Later, she might take the three hops up to the top of the entertainment center where there is a tipped-over box and lie either outside on a rug or inside, very much inside.

She has her own spots, aside from these; some I know and some I don’t. Not bad for two rooms and a bath. How she can hide is beyond me, but I have always said that you can put a cat into an empty room and, within two minutes, it will have disappeared. They have their spot.

She left the window for a few minutes and is back there now, looking intently at something. I have tried sneaking up behind her and looking in the same direction, but whatever it is I just can’t figure out. Now she’s going to bed and so am I.


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