Friday, May 25, 2007


Well, What Would Tom Do?

A friend of mine was on his way home from a store, a bit of a distance, when he noticed a red pickup was taking the same turns he did. He thought maybe he had come too close to the truck at the store exit, or cut it off and was going to pay for it. He turned this way, the pickup turned this way; he turned that way, the pickup turned that way. As he approached his house, he thought, “What would Tom do?” Tom, he decided, would keep on going and drive to a safe place, like another store.

The pickup had other plans. Maybe it was a coincidence and maybe the youngish lady behind the wheel really was angry, but got tired of following him. We will never know.

What we do know is he did the right thing: Don’t give away where you live. Keep going to another store, a gas station, the building that houses the police. Stay away from isolated areas and don’t let on you are becoming rattled. Keep your cool and don’t confront the person behind you. That’s what Tom would do. He would live to fight another day.

Everybody has a story.
Local resident Peter Podwika passed away. An Army vet, he survived three major invasions in the Pacific. He was the secretary at the surrender meetings on the Philippine Islands. He took notes and typed up the Japanese surrender documents ending World War II in the Pacific.


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