Tuesday, May 22, 2007

His Withdrawal Slip Was A Gun

The local tv station’s web site notes: "Police in Wilkes-Barre are looking for the man who robbed a credit union Tuesday morning. Investigators said the man walked into the Wilkes-Barre Federal Credit Union on North Main Street near Public Square around 10 a.m. He showed a small gun and made off with some cash."

Friend of mind was walking over to the cleaners right next door in the same small building when he said a bunch of cop cars came screaming up to the Credit Union. He wasn’t sure what was happening but knew instinctively that, whatever, it was pretty bad. Being a bank of sorts, it probably included (a) money, (b) a perpetrator and (c) a holdup.

The good news: ”Police said the man walked away but may have gotten into a small, white pick-up truck at some point.”

The bad news: "Unfortunately we have a lot of white pick-up trucks in this area because of the construction at Kings College.”

As of this blog’s press time, local donut shops report a sudden drop in business by men in blue, while residents report the unusual sight of police cars patrolling the city.

He probably didn’t rob the joint because they were going to shut off his water, or he needed groceries for the week. Most likely it wasn’t to get medication for his grandma or dialysis for his wife. My best guess is the Rx you don’t get in a drugstore.


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