Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Was Born In 1907

Genworth Financial has been running a series of ads on tv, all in black & white, showing people who are 100 years old. One fellow plays trumpet at some nightspot every week (and drives himself there), another lady continues the world travels she and her late husband started many years ago, a third person said she never thought she’d live to be a hundred.

Do any of us? We never think we’d make it that far, but we’ve never died before and don't really think of it happening. Every year, our personal odometer rolls over and, as today’s cars are built better and now have six-digit odometers, we are cared for better and ours also have increased, from two figures to three.

When Jesus was teaching, a marriage might last twelve years before a spouse died; in 1900, it might last twenty-five years. Now sixty years is not at all that unusual. We had an obituary for a woman who retired at 93 and probably spend her remaining two years bored.

Everybody thinks they have a story.
John Drury was charged with DUI after a two-car crash in which he was visibly intoxicated, had an alcohol odor on his breath and blew a .144 (intox here is .08). He claimed he had not been drinking, but that his Red Man Select chewing tobacco contained whiskey, hence the odor. He says he will challenge the arrest and wants the tobacco’s alcohol content tested. The company reports its chewing tobacco contains no alcohol. Drury was not available for comment.


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