Thursday, October 12, 2006

Down And Dirty

I was watching “The Daily Show” tonight and Jon Stewart’s guest was talking about negative political ads – something which goes back to the start of our country. If you read any of them, or read about them, they were pretty vicious for the longest time. It seemed as if anything went and there were no limits as to what you could say, as long as it helped you win the election.

There’s still a lot of this now; ads that are misleading, some that are flat-out wrong and others that make you wonder if the person running them has any stand other than cutting down the opponent.

You also wonder if you can feel safe with someone like that. I don’t. I can’t trust someone who would rip apart another person, bring up dirt that might be half-truths, mis-quotes, irrelevant mistakes from way in the past.

Do you want someone like that to represent you?


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