Monday, October 02, 2006

Some Idle Thoughts On A Busy Day

Vacation's not close until you turn the calendar over to a new month and there it is: at the end of the second week, you're going away. Have to do a test pack to make sure I have the necessary stuff and how it will fit. Call the pharmacist (usually referred to as my drug dealer) and get all my meds filled, as they run out during the cruise. Make a short list of what I absolutely must have when I leave the room and post it by the door, so I can check as I leave.

There have been a bunch of school shootings recently, in retaliation for events that happened to the shooters. "A new phenomenon," some people are saying. I just saw the tv schedule for tomorrow night and, on Turner Classic Movies, "Thirteen Women" (1932) is playing at 6:45pm. "Remembering the slights she suffered at the hands of her classmates, a young woman plans an unusual form of vengeance." There's nothing new.

I'm thinking up ideas for my post on the Cruise Critic message board thread while I am away. Tentative working title is: "Live From the Noordam - Carib." I was going to subtitle it, "The Po' Sidin' Adventure," but I might just use that inside somewhere. This blog, by the way, will also be on vacation during that time (Oct 14-25), so don't look for any updates here. All posts will be on the Cruise Critic site, Holland America Line board. Here's the general URL: You can bookmark my thread when you get there if you want to keep up with the cruise. It's updated once or twice a day and you can add your own thoughts if you'd like; just register to post.

Someone watched our students walking by with cellphones welded to their ears. "How did we get along without them?" he asked, sarcastically. I wanted to reply, "How did we get along without our cars?" Yeah; what was wrong with Route 1? It took you from Maine to Florida; did we really need I-95? It's called innovation, advancement and realizing how to fulfill the needs you see that others don't. We got along without things, but we get along a lot better with them; we'll figure out which work (tv, phones) and which don't (8-track tapes, 3-wheeled cars).


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