Friday, September 22, 2006

All In All, Things Could Be Worse

I've got a bowl of hot porridge laced with raisins, walnuts and craisins (dried cranberries that look like red raisins). I've a couple of windows open and it's cool outside, so I know that when I lay down in my bed, I'm going to be "O.U.T. out" (as Mom used to put it) in a matter of a minute or two.

There's a commercial on the tv right now, for Carnival Cruise Line, with someone singing Bobby Darin's hit song, "Beyond The Sea." It's really nice, but it ends with, "...and never again I'll go sailing." Wonder if anyone realizes that?

The show I'm watching is about sports disasters. Probably like most people, I don't want disasters to happen, but if they do, I'd like to see them. A sort of voyeurism, I suppose, with the excuse that "it already happened and someone taped it, so I might as well watch it." Works for me.

I've turned the tv off now; the program is over and I have to get the morning edition from the newspaper where I am a columnist. I usually go over while the press is running, pick them up at that time, then sign off for the night.

We had beef stew and baking powder biscuits for supper tonight. Goes well with a cool day, with the onset of autumn on Saturday. Beef stew for supper, hot porridge for a midnight snack; all in all, things could be worse.


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