Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yeah, I've Got Better Things To Do

-- On the national Doppler radar map (, click on "US Radar") the rain pattern at 4:00pm looks like a bucking bronco with a cowboy holding on tightly. Last night, there was a system that could have been a large fish about to swallow something much smaller (another fish?).

-- We're on a planet that spins very fast and is also moving very quickly in a forward direction. Yet, we can stack a large pile of quarters without it being shaken to pieces. I find that quite amazing. I just hope we don't run into anything, although I remain convinced that there's a big rock out there with our name on it. One of them is due to pass close to us in a few years, and then very close a relatively few years later.

-- A large online pet supply store, located a couple miles away, has in stock a pet stroller. "Most ferrets get tired walking long distances, but with the Pet Stroller they can go almost anywhere you go! Top shade shelter, zip-down front shade and wind cover, comfortable ventilated cabin. Designed for non-aggressive small dogs and pets under 20 pounds." I can imagine a kindly old lady looking at the stroller and saying, "You have a, uh, cute young set of triplets. But I guess I must be going now."

-- At 11:00pm, the Doppler weather map (it's taken me a while to get back to writing this) looks like a giant woodpecker bending over a tiny newborn buffalo. Perhaps it's time to watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report instead of looking at weather patterns as if they were Rorschach tests.

-- The radio show went very well today. People don't realize how much is pure luck and how little is timing when it comes to things working out on the button with each segment. Maybe experience makes luck happen; I don't know. It just seems that experienced, motivated people have more luck than others.


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