Sunday, April 30, 2006

Driving On A Lazy Afternoon

The National Arbor Day Foundation tells us research has found that people tend to drive slower on tree-lined streets than on streets with no trees.

I also leared (ok, a friend told me and it seems to work out) that if you are behind a slow driver, it's a guy wearing a hat.

My own experience is that I tend to drive slower on Spring days when it's warm and sunny. (I do not wear a hat.)

But if someone is ahead of me, lollygaggling along -- word origin unknown, but from 1868 -- even a bit slower than I, then that's the time I start getting impatient. Odd about that; if I were doing the same speed, it would make no difference.

The laws in this state, and possibly elsewhere, are that when the speed limit is not posted, we are to use our intelligent judgement and, if our judgement is not intelligent, we can be cited for speeding. I think side roads in Spring should have the same law, except for a lower speed limit. Anybody going over a Nice Spring Day speed limit should be pulled over and given a ticket for not appreciating Mother Nature, and sentence to sit in their backyard until dusk ends so they can appreciate what's around them.

Such roads would be posted: "On lovely Spring days, this road is reserved for lollygaggling."


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