Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Who I'd Like To Meet In Heaven

My creator, my redeemer, my family and ancestors, of course. That's sort of a given.

I'd like to meet Kermit The Frog. He's so carefree and handled the craziness of putting on the Muppet Show with such aplomb that I think he'd be a neat person to know on a more intimate basis.

Donald Duck would be another one. His sister, Dumbella, split the scene and left him with her three children; he was always in the process of raising them and tried hard to do a good job of it. Also, no matter what kind of work he did in each comic book, he was a master at the craft. When he lost his temper, he would apologize I never saw any other character do that.

Popeye The Sailorman is another. He was rough and tough when he was on the waterfront, but just melted in the presence of Olive Oyl. I've always been attached to the maritime world and he's my kind of guy.

There are probably a few more, as well, but I can't think of them at the moment.

They are all inanimate cartoon characters or puppets, you say? Yes, but they have the spirit of their creators in them and, just maybe, we might see that spirit when we grow into the fullness of life. Perhaps the ways in which our spirit has manifested itself will be visible then, as well.

Why should heaven be restricted just to us, sitting on clouds, playing harps? Let our spirit, manifested in our talents, be as visible as we are. Our violin notes swirling through the heavenly sky like ribbon candy; our short-story characters acting out their little plays for all to appreciate; our care showing itself in wonderful feelings as we near each other.

Wouldn't that be just the greatest place to be?


Anonymous RuthC said...

Wouldn't that be just the greatest place to be?
Could you make that on the sea, with some high waves once in a while? Oh, and a dessert bar?
After all, if it's "Heaven" it might as well be perfect.

April 25, 2006 3:49 PM  
Blogger Tom Carten said...

Maybe we can make it be wherever we want. Your experience will be on the sea, someone else's will be at the mountains -- we will all experience heaven as we wish and, when we want, dipping into others' experiences.

April 25, 2006 6:29 PM  
Anonymous RuthC said...

we will all experience heaven as we wish
Now that raises an interesting question:
There are certain people with whom I would love to spend eternity; don't know if they feel (felt?) the same. I wonder if it's possible for me to have them with me, while their Heaven leaves me out? A sort of being in two places at once kind of experience.
Wouldn't that be neat!

April 26, 2006 1:25 PM  
Blogger Reading Reader said...

Well said, Tom. Sending our own spirits forth in our own ways reminds me of how we use incense to send our prayers to heaven.

April 27, 2006 9:19 AM  

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